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Best LiveSpins® Megaways™ Slots and Casinos in 2022

LiveSpins® take video slots and turn them into interactive and social affairs, thanks to revolutionary features that let you play alongside live slot streamers. So, are you ready for LiveSpins® Megaways™? In this guide, we explain what LiveSpins® are and how they work below.

Best LiveSpins® Casinos in 2022 to Play Megaways™ Slots

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What Are LiveSpins® Slots?

LiveSpins® is a brand new service by that aims to make playing video and Megaways™ slots more sociable than ever.

It does so by merging the interactivity of online games like Fortnite and the sense of community that revolves around streaming services like Twitch and YouTube into video slot gambling.

In other words, LiveSpins® is a service where Megaways™ streamers (people who broadcast themselves while – among other things – playing online) can be joined by players as they spin the reels of a video or Megaways™ slot.

But, unlike in traditional streaming, the action doesn’t stop at simply watching and chatting with the streamer. Instead, LiveSpins® gives users the ability to also play along individually or as a group. Wins and losses, meanwhile, are also shared affairs, where those betting win when the streamer wins, and vice versa.

Even so, this service – which we expect to become popular across online casinos in Europe, the UK, and beyond – gives players plenty of control:

Below, we explore LiveSpins® in more detail, but if you’d like to see the game in action, you can do so by watching the video below.

Best LiveSpins® Casinos in 2022

LiveSpins® has just launched, so there aren't many casinos that offer this service just yet.

Nevertheless, on 25th November 2021, LiveSpins® announced on their official website that CasinoFriday, which has a Curaçao licence, became the first operator to go live! Launching in beta mode, the stream lasted for three hours, granting access to a few chosen players.

We will update this page and this section accordingly once more casinos start going live with their LiveSpins® Megaways™, so watch this space!

LiveSpins® Features

LiveSpins® turns playing video and Megaways™ slots into a sociable event, inviting you to take part in the action. As such, has introduced many features to the service, which, while you may be familiar with in other contexts, are completely brand new to such a scenario.

Here’s what you can expect to find:


Playing video slots for free is a pastime shared by hundreds of thousands of people across the globe. The same can be said of tuning in to watch someone else play games or unboxing new products.

That feature has now been added to playing video slots, with LiveSpins® making it possible to tune in and watch your favourite LiveSpins® streamer play classic or new video and Megaways™ slots.

The best part is that you can choose to simply observe, so you can enjoy the experience without spending any of your own money. Of course, observing will not result in any actual winnings for yourself.

Streamer Interaction & Live Chat

Apart from watching the streamer play, you can also interact with them, as well as all the other players and observers. This can be done through the chat window, which is equipped with reactions you can use to express how you’re feeling simply by tapping an emoji.

Single & Group Bets

The true revolution here is that apart from watching and interacting with the streamer, you also have the time to make your own bets – whether by yourself or as a pooled bet together with other players. This feature can be found at the bottom of the page, where there are dedicated buttons that allow you to choose your stake and the number of spins it applies for (one or more).

However, it is only the streamer who gets to spin the reels. This means that whenever the live slot streamers win, any bets you’ve made for that round win too.

The amount you win depends on your bet and the size of the streamer’s win. So, let’s say the streamer has placed a €2 wager and you have placed a €1 wager on the same round. If the streamer’s win is 50x their bet, then the streamer wins €100 and you win €50.

Responsible Gambling

Because LiveSpins® plugs into the online casino’s existing system, any deposit and gambling limits you have set for yourself apply to this service, too. This helps you stick to your budget and your specific needs.

How To Play LiveSpins® Megaways™ Slots

Playing LiveSpins® is actually much easier than you might imagine. In fact, it’s as simple as playing a normal Megaways™ or video slot.

Here’s how to do it:

Step 1: Go to a LiveSpins® casino

Once LiveSpins® is available across the best Megaways™ online casinos, all you'll have to do is head to a casino that offers the service.

Step 2: Choose a streamer

In this case, instead of choosing a video slot title, you get to choose the person streaming themselves playing. You can decide which one to tune into based on many different variables, such as whether you find the streamer funny, the game they are playing, or who your friends or favourite players are currently following.

Step 3: Choose single or group bet + number of spins

If you want to play LiveSpins® for real money, then your next step is to choose whether you’d like to place a single or a group bet. A single bet is similar to the normal bet you make when playing video slots, while a group bet means your money will form part of a pool of bets.

You also get to decide how many spins you’d like that bet to be valid for, or simply play on a spin-by-spin basis. Remember to always keep your budget in mind when doing so.

Step 4: Engage with the community

LiveSpins® gives you the ability to speak to the streamers and the other players, so why not make the most of it? You can chat to all the other players, as well as to the streamer, at any time you like during gameplay. You can also react to what is happening by using the emojis available.

What Games Will Be Available on LiveSpins®?

From the initial news surrounding this new service, LiveSpins® will be integrated into the casino’s system, meaning that any video and Megaways™ slots that the casino stocks can be part of LiveSpins®. We're excited to see some of our favourite titles such as Reel King Megaways™, Monopoly Megaways™, and Fishin' Frenzy Megaways™ on it. 

We will have to wait to find out whether that is indeed the case, but in the meantime, you can check out our Megaways™ slots list to find out what games may end up being live streamed.

And for those wondering, during the service’s debut at iGaming Next’21 in Valletta, Malta, HappyHour used Pragmatic Play’s The Dog House Megaways™ as their game of choice for the demo.

Best Live Slot Streamers

Casino slot streamers are nothing new – in fact, some people have become pretty famous for streaming themselves playing video slots to large audiences.

These include:

Of course, these are just some of the many live streamers providing gambling entertainment to tons of people out there. But, either way, we expect many of them will take the leap and become LiveSpins® streamers.

LiveSpins® Conclusion

The convergence between the online and the offline worlds is happening at a faster rate than ever before. This means that services like LiveSpins® are born out of necessity, and that necessity is our collective need for interaction.

What will happen after LiveSpins® launches remains to be seen, but this could potentially be a huge step in the race to make online gambling feel more like what's experienced at brick-and-mortar casinos.


LiveSpins® is a brand new service offered by, which lets users play video slots alongside streamers. Players of LiveSpins® slots can observe, chat, and even make single or group bets.

A streamer is someone who broadcasts themselves on the internet doing something. In the case of LiveSpins®, this means playing video slots.

The company behind LiveSpins® is

Since the streamer is the only person who can spin the reels, you win when the streamer wins. Your win will be proportional to your bet and the size of the streamer’s win.

While we haven’t found any official information on this matter, we expect it will work in the same way as live online casinos do. So, if your internet goes down halfway through a spin, your last bet will apply and, should you win, your winnings will be added to your account. You can then rejoin the game once your internet connection has been restored.

According to the LiveSpins® website, CasinoFriday was the first brand to launch the service right on 25th November 2021. We expect more casinos to offer LiveSpins® over the course of 2022.

Written by Iggy Fenech
Iggy is a casino writer with a fondness for Megaways™ slots, particularly those with a magical theme. When he’s not writing about Megaways™ or testing them out, he can be found watching a historical documentary or putting together an outrageous outfit.