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Megaways™ Catalogue: Up-to-date Catalogue of All Megaways™ Slots

In this page you will find a Megaways™ Catalogue, an up-to-date collection of all Megaways™ Slots available to players. The catalogue comes not only with video-slot titles and providers, but offers basic information about each innovative game. At a glance you will find out the slot RTP, provider, number of Megaways™ and volatility, plus you will have fast access to our full review and demo game.

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What you need to know about Megaways™ Slots

Megaways™ Slots is a family of innovative video slots which has become incredibly famous among slots fans. What is Megaways™ all about? The difference between these ground-braking games and other video-slots you might have tried in the past is in the technology and the maths.

The inventors of the revolutionary Megaways™ engine are the team of slots experts at Big Time Gaming, an Australian software provider which has released the first Megaways™ slot, Bonanza, in 2016. Since then, the fortune of this series is constantly growing, it seems like Megaways™ has become a real franchise, with spinoffs, imitators and major software providers fighting for a licence.

In our Megaways™ catalogue we offer you the complete list of Megaways™ Slots with all basic information you might need for understanding each game better. On top of that, you will find a quick link to our full review, that you can read if you are curious about a specific game. Now we’ll tell you a bit more about the variables you will find in our Megaways™ Catalogue.

RTP – Return To Player

One of the most important elements for describing a video-slot in a technical terms is RTP. This stands for Return to Player, a term used for indicating the percentage of wagered money a game will pay back over time. It’s easy to find this percentage for each slot you like playing with, you might want to look at the information (the I or ? button you see in the commands at the bottom of each game), it is usually stated among rules and info.

Why is RTP so important? This is because a higher RTP means a higher wins, as it indicates how much money you bet are supposed to come back over a certain period of time. Return to player works lie this: if the trp is 96% and you bet £100, you are supposed to get back £96. Please note that RTP might be a theoretical number or not, this can be based on either real people placing real wagers while playing the game (in this case the percentage gets more and more precise over time). On the opposite, this number might be a mathematical simulation – this is the case for most Megaways™ Slots.

Average RTP in Megaways™ Slots is about 96%-96.5%, a number that is quite high in the video-slots industry. In the series there are some slots with a particularly high RTP, like White Rabbit Megaways™ (97.24%), Gorilla Gold (97.00%) and Primal Megaways™ (96.76%). Not surprisingly these have become particularly popular among players.

Volatility – Variance in Megaways™ Slots

Volatility is another important factor when it comes to choose the best Megaways™ Slots for yourself. What does this term exactly mean? Volatility is a measurement of the frequency of winning spins and the size of the payout. This factor is often referred to as dispersion or variance. A relative small number of slots in the Megaways™ series often offer medium-high volatility, while most games have a reputation for incredibly high variance.

As mentioned above, Megaways™ Slots usually offer a high volatility, meaning they will payout large amounts of money (as they have the potential for up to x50000 your stake) but not very often. When you play with a high volatility slot like Aztec Gold Megaways™Medusa Megaways or Rick and Morty Megaways™, you have to expect games that do not pay out very often. However, when they do the prize will be quite high.

Number of Megaways™

Every video-slot is different, this is true also for their layout, which influences the maximum number of Megaways™ the slot has to offer. These two elements are very tightly connected, as the number of reels and the number of symbols displayed in each of those is key for determining the max number of Megaways™.

Most Megaways™ slots offer a 6×7 layout – the most common setting is a 6×6 grid with an extra horizontal reel at the top or bottom of the main game. Each reel displays 2 to 7 symbols, thus the max number of Megaways™ is 117.649. This is the most common setting, even tough there is an infinite number of possible combinations. The lower number of possible Megaways™ is 512, as offered in Joker Megaways™ while the maximum number of winning lines is offered by Odin Infinity Reels, as this slot has the potential for an infinte number of Megaways™!

Full Reviews and Demo Games

As you might have gathered so far, by reading our Megaways™ catalogue you will quickly find out all basic info about Megaways™ Slots. If any title captures your attention we highly recommend you read our full review – in order to do so you just have to click the green button at the bottom of the each slot in the catalogue.

By reading our full review you will find out all you need to know about the game you’re interested in, we've also explained Megaways™. Slots design, special features, free spins bonus rounds and much more. On top of that, you will find a free play demo for each game. This is the perfect chance for trying top Megaways™ Slots for free!

Frequently Asked Questions

Top online casinos for playing slots in the Megaways™ catalogue real money with bonus are Fun Casino, Dream Vegas and Yako Casino.

Megaways™ slots with the highest RTP are White Rabbit, Gorilla Gold and Primal Megaways™.

Megaways™ slots have a reputation for incredibly high volatility.

Megaways™ Slots usually offer 117.649 Megaways™ – Odin Infinity Reels has the potential for an infinite number of Megaways™!

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