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The Best Megaways™ Mobile Apps in 2022

Playing your favourite Megaways™ games on the go has never been easier. With a host of mobile apps for some of the best Megaways™ casinos, you can keep playing even when you’re away from your laptop or desktop. Read on for more about Megaways™ casino apps!

What Is a Casino Mobile App?

Casino mobile apps, just like other smartphone apps, are smartphone or tablet applications which open up a world of fast and smooth online casino gaming. Casinos that wish to be more mobile-friendly usually have 2 options to choose from: they can either create a responsive mobile casino website or else develop a mobile casino application. The two methods for creating mobile casinos have their advantages and disadvantages. While we’ll take a deeper dive into the differences and similarities between the two, in this article we will be focusing mainly on mobile casino apps.

The Best Megaways™ Casinos With Apps in 2022


+ 10 Free Spins

  • PAYOUT SPEED: Up to 5 Days
Visa payments availableMastercard payments availablePaypal payments availableTrustly payments available

100% UP TO €/$300

First Deposit Bonus

  • PAYOUT SPEED: 24 hours
  • LICENCE: Curaçao
Visa payments availableSkrill payments availablePaysafe Card payments availableMastercard payments available

DEPOSIT £10, GET £40

Casino Bonus

  • PAYOUT SPEED: 24 hours
Visa payments availableMastercard payments available


Over 4 Deposits

  • PAYOUT SPEED: 24-72 hours
Skrill payments availablePaypal payments available

100% BONUS UP TO €300

+ 20 Free Spins

  • PAYOUT SPEED: Up to 5 days
Visa payments availableMastercard payments availableSkrill payments availableNeteller payments available

Top 5 Megaways™ Casinos Apps With Bonuses in 2022

  1. NetBet Casino
  2. 22Bet Casino
  3. Unibet Casino
  4. LeoVegas Casino
  5. Casumo Casino

All About Megaways™ Casino Mobile Apps

As the name implies, a Megaways™ casino mobile app is an app-based mobile casino which carries a considerable variety of Megaways™ titles, available to play on your phone.

As the ever-popular Megaways™ game engine gets an increase in titles bearing its name, more and more casinos are becoming Megaways™ mobile casinos. Check out our recommendation list above for some of the best out there.

You’ll generally find the Megaways™ mobile casinos come in two main varieties. While this article focuses specifically on one of them, it’s good to know what’s out there and remain informed.

Megaways™ Mobile Apps Responsiveness

The two main varieties of mobile casinos you will come across in the casino industry are web-based or ‘responsive’ mobile casino websites (or app-based websites). The latter is the focus of this article, but let’s just take a peek into what both of them entail.

Web-Based Responsive Mobile Casinos

Responsive casinos get their name from the website’s responsiveness once it detects that a mobile device is accessing it. The casino website will rescale its interface elements and make itself suited for the screen size of the mobile device accessing it.

This makes websites of this kind highly adaptable, whether you’re accessing them from a smartphone or tablet, while retaining their full functionality. As you can see, an advantage of this type of mobile casino is that it keeps all of the casino’s services, games, and features in one website.

Responsive mobile casino websites also have the advantage of not taking up any space on your phone or mobile device. We all know that can be a real life-saver for some of us – we’ve been there!

Casino Mobile Apps

Casino mobile apps, on the other hand, are more similar to the usual smartphone or tablet games we’re used to downloading from our device’s app store. Like them, mobile casinos of this type exist as an application that you download, install and run on your device.

Because these applications run directly on your device rather than the web, they usually run faster and more smoothly and compared to responsive casinos. This, of course, depends on your device.

How to Download a Casino Mobile App

Most casino mobile apps, including ones with Megaways™ slots, can be downloaded from your device’s app store. In the case of Apple or iOS devices, this is the App Store. In the case of Android devices, this is the Google Play Store.

Downloading from the App Store or Google Play is as simple as searching the casino’s name, finding its official application and installing it on your device. This works just like any other application you might download onto your phone, so you should be well familiar with the process.

Android devices also have the additional benefit of being able to download casino apps which are not available on the Play Store. Instead, these apps would be posted on their respective casino’s websites.

In this case, it’s a matter of installing the app through a few simple steps:

Now you can play Megaways™ slots on your mobile device! This means your favourite game engine is available on the go, wherever you may be, provided you have a reliable and secure internet connection!

Games at Megaways™ Mobile App Casinos

Megaways™ mobile casinos carry all manner of other casino games. Taking casinos from our recommendation list, we can see that a variety of different games from all over the online casino world are offered. Let's take a look:

Megaways™ Games

The stars of the show for us are the Megaways™ games. Owing to their immense popularity with players worldwide, you’ll find Megaways™ games at all of the leading casinos and mobile app casinos out there.

Popular Megaways™ providers include Big Time Gaming – the original developers of the game engine – along with others such as NetEnt, Red Tiger Gaming, Pragmatic Play and iSoftBet.

If you’re familiar with how Megaways™ games work, you’ll find that each provider has their own little spin on the engine, adding to a long list of excellent Megaways™ slots to play.

Other Slot Games

Of course, most casinos have a ton of other slot games apart from just Megaways™ slots. You’ll find that this is generally the most fleshed out category in any casino’s games offering. Just like with Megaways™ slots, a large variety of game providers and developers will be available at any of our recommended casinos, and most other gambling sites in the online casino world too.

Tables Games and Live Dealer Games

While slot machines are immensely popular, the other two main categories you’ll find at most online casinos are table games and live dealer games. These will be games with classic casino staples such as poker, blackjack, roulette, and baccarat.

Table games will offer you these games to play solo with an automated dealer, whereas live dealer games offer you the chance to link up with real-life dealers and other players through a livestream while you play.

Types of Bonuses at the Best Mobile Casinos

Apart from just an excellent selection of both Megaways™ slots and other games, there are more factors which make a great Megaways™ mobile casino. A terrific offering of great bonuses and free spins really helps sweeten the deal for most players when it comes to choosing their next casino. You’ll find a few different types of bonuses and promotional offers at the best ones.

Let’s take a look at the variations:

Mobile Casino Welcome Bonuses

Welcome bonuses are just what they say on the tin. These kinds of offers are meant to entice players by offering additional bonus cash or free spins upon signing up to a casino. The bonus cash often comes in the form of a match or percentage bonus, offering to double or triple the player’s starting bankroll.

It’s very common for casinos to also offer free spins on select games alongside the bonus cash. We recommend you always check the terms and conditions for any offers in order to understand the minutiae. T&Cs can include wagering requirements and will also detail what kind of minimum amount you are allowed to deposit.

Mobile Casino No Deposit Bonuses

A rarer form of bonus that’s very popular with players is the no deposit bonus. As the name suggests, this kind of bonus does not require players to deposit money into their accounts before taking advantage of it.

The bonus itself could be free spins or bonus cash to play with. Keep in mind, though, that it still might have a wagering requirement on the bonus money. Read those T&Cs well!

Mobile Casino Reload Bonuses

This one’s for return players. Keep your eyes peeled for reload bonuses; these will offer you a nice little extra on top if you’re depositing after you’ve already taken advantage of the main promotional welcome offer.

This will usually come in the form of a match bonus or free spins to help you along your way. Check the casino’s promotions page for these offers and to get a better look at the T&Cs.

Mobile Casino Free Spins

As we mentioned, free spins are a common add-on to welcome bonuses, no deposit bonuses and reload bonuses alike, but they can also be offered on their own. This is particularly great if they happen to be on your favourite slot titles – it’s like having the bonus buy feature without buying at all!

Mobile Casino Cashback

Cashback bonuses are a great addition to find on any gambling site or mobile casino’s promotions page. This promotional offer will see you getting back a percentage of your losses, usually around 10%. Some casinos have perpetual, always-active cashback offers, so be sure to keep an eye out for those!

Safety and Security at Megaways™ Mobile Apps

Whether you’re playing at a mobile casino on your smartphone or logging into a gambling site on your desktop, it’s good to take note of a few important things before signing up and depositing. Any casino you play at should be licensed by an authority with a good reputation within the online casino world. That means organisations like:

MGA Casino License

It’s generally also a good sign if a casino has won any awards or has certifications from authorities promoting safe and secure gaming.

How To Choose the Best Megaways™ Mobile Apps

This one’s pretty easy for us to answer: check our recommendations list!

Oh? We can’t let you off the hook that easily? Okay, fine. When we’re looking for the best casinos to recommend, we always make sure that a casino has a few important bases covered.

The prime consideration is, obviously, that the Megaways™ mobile app has an application in the first place! Bonus points if it’s not too large in size and directly available from the App Store or Play Store. We’ve already covered many of these bases above, but let’s list all of them down with a brief explanation for the the full picture:

A Comprehensive Games Selection

It's important to make sure the casino you’re opting for actually allows you to play Megaways™ slots! Apart from that, it’s good to check that other casino games are plentiful – a solid games catalogue is usually a sure sign of a great casino.

It’s also worth checking whether the casino app’s games selection is the same as that on the website. The best casinos will afford their mobile players the same selection they do their desktop players.

Excellent Promotional Offers

Online casinos are constantly trying to one-up each other when it comes to their welcome bonuses and promotional offers. So why not take advantage of the fierce competition and find an offer that’s perfect for you!

Varied Payment Options

There's no sense in picking a casino that doesn’t support your preferred payment method. Head over to the payment methods section of your casino of choice and double check that you’re catered for. Some casinos even have options for cryptocurrency, which is definitely an option for the little more tech savvy or privacy-conscious.

Up-to-Date Licensing From Reputable Authorities

We’ve already covered the importance of this one, so it’s enough to say that if a casino doesn’t clearly show their licence, or if the licence isn’t from a reputable authority, that makes them a no-go zone. And that’s regardless of how good the welcome bonus is!

Fully-Featured Customer Support

The last important pillar of a great casino is extensive, and fully-featured customer support. While this doesn’t necessarily mean 24/7 support, it’s important that the casino you choose has a variety of contact options at reasonable hours.

Casino Mobile Apps Freepik

Best New Mobile Casinos Apps

With the growing popularity of the Megaways™ game engine and the increasing number of games using it, new Megaways™ casino apps are popping up all the time! Above, we included recommendations for some of the best ones we’ve come across. Check them out, or use the pillars of a great casino we mentioned above on your own search for the top Megaways™ casino apps.

Megaways™ Mobile Apps: App vs Browser

Considering our comparison between web-based and app-based mobile casinos above, you might be wondering which of the two is better. Below, we've summarised it:

Responsive Web-Based Mobile Casinos



App-Based Mobile Casinos



Megaways™ Mobile Casino Final Say

That’s it! Now that we’ve covered the differences between different Megaways™ mobile casinos you might encounter, what makes the best mobile casinos, and also provided you with a fantastic recommendation list to choose from, it’s up to you to take the reins and lock in your first deposit!

Megaways™ Mobile Apps FAQs

Megaways™ mobile app casinos are gambling sites which have a smartphone application, allowing their users to play Megaways™ on the go!

Mobile casino websites are sites designed to work with smartphones, whereas app-based mobile casinos are smoother due to requiring the player to download and install an app on their phone.

Yes! Megaways™ mobile casino apps allow you to place real-money bets.

The benefits are being able to play your favourite slot games, table games or live dealer games on the go through your phone!

The best Megaways™ mobile app casinos will have an extensive selection of both Megaways™ games from different providers as well as other slot games, table games and live dealer games.