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Survivor Megaways™ Review

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What Is Survivor Megaways™?

Released in April 2020, Big Time Gaming drew inspiration from the popular TV series Survivor for this title. You’ll find a red team and blue team multipliers and urns that’ll increase them! Apart from this, the whole game is jungle-themed, reminding us of some of the locations from the show. Read on to get to the details of this video slot game and find out whether you’ll be able to survive your time out in the wild!

Survivor Megaways™ Free Play Demo


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Survivor Megaways™ Key Facts & Ratings

  • Game Name: Survivor Megaways™
  • Provider: Big Time Gaming
  • Number of ways: Up to 100,842
  • RTP: 96.47%
  • Reels Layout: 6×6 on Reel 1, 6×7 on Reels 2-6
  • Volatility: High

Graphics & Sounds: 75%

Payout: 90%

Bonus Features: 85%

Popularity: 80%

Originality: 75%

Overall score: 80%

Survivor Megaways™ Design & Gameplay

Big Time Gaming decided to switch a few things up for this Megaways™ slot. Gone is the standard reel layout we’re so used to with our other Megaways™ favourites. This isn’t a bad thing though, and the gameplay hasn’t been altered too much either. You’ll still feel at home, despite the jungle setting!

Instead of 6 complete reels, you’ll find a top, middle and bottom section. The top section is made up of six reels showing a maximum of 3 symbols each, as is the bottom section. The middle section is only 5 reels with 1 symbol each.

What this means in practice is that this game will behave like a 6×7 slot, except for reel 1. This first reel will only show up to 6 symbols rather than 7. This all adds up to a still-gargantuan maximum of 100,842 ways to win.

Visual and Sound Design

As we mentioned earlier, the reels are framed in bamboo and surrounded by a jungle background, reminiscent of some of the tropical islands and rainforest settings from the actual show. The trees themselves are animated and even sway in the wind – a nice bit of attention to detail! The graphics for the main reel are smooth and well-animated, without causing any glitches or stuttering.

The sound design is quite good as well, and is based off of the show’s music in some of the more intense moments. It also incorporates a loud and dramatic brass horn whenever you start a new spin, similar to those over-the-top movie trailers that’ll frequently make use of the same effects. The only downside we saw to the sound design was that it can feel a little disjointed at times, as with each spin the sound effect track restarts. This isn’t really a problem at all though, and won’t take away from the fun of the game!

Playing Survivor Megaways™ – Symbols and Payouts

You’ll find a pretty interesting mix of symbols when it comes to the paytable of this slot game, which we’ll go through right now.

Starting out with the lower-paying symbols, we’ve got a simple 9 to Ace set.

Survivor Megaways™ Symbols

For the higher-tier symbols, we’ve got a mix of decorative masks. To be quite honest, these all look a little too similar for our tastes, especially at a glance. Thankfully, they’re a little easier to recognise during gameplay, as the symbol background is a different colour for each.

Survivor Megaways™ High-Tier Symbols

You’ll also find wild multiplier and scatter symbols for this game. While we’ll cover the features themselves in the section below, let’s take a look at the symbols themselves.

Wild symbols are red or blue with a male or female contestant on them, respectively. These will interact with the urn symbols also present in the game, and can only land on the central reel. They can also substitute for any other main game symbol.

The scatter symbols for this game are the survivor logo. These can trigger free spins, which we’ll detail below.

Survivor Megaways™ Features

Despite the interesting reel layout, Survivor Megaways™ brings back some well-loved classics to their feature set. Fear not, though – it’s not just the features you’ve seen before that are present here! Survivor Megaways™ also brings a few newcomers to the table.

Reactions (Cascading Reels)

Survivor Megaways™ Cascading Reels

Let’s start off with some of the stuff you’ve surely seen before, shall we? Reactions are a well-known and loved feature on Megaways™ slots. They’re sometimes called rolling reels or cascading reels, depending on the provider. The idea takes effect when you land a winning combination on your reels. The symbols making up this combination are removed to make way for more symbols above them. This, in effect, gives you a chance at making another winning combination! Most providers will allow this to happen indefinitely, and we’re happy to see it’s the same here.

Survivor Megaways™ Wild Multipliers

Survivor Megaways™ Design

You’ll find two symbols to the left of the reels, a red symbol, and a blue symbol. They have a female and male survivor contestant, respectively. These depend on the special urn symbol we mentioned earlier that can land on your reels as they spin. Urns will interact with any wild symbols you have on your reels.

We believe that the way this feature works reflects how in the show, the urns contain votes for contestants. As soon as they’re revealed, the multipliers for the contestant wilds get increased, almost as if they’ve been voted for.

These multipliers will reset at the start of each spin, as they apply only for a single round. Worry not though! Urn symbols are actually quite common, so you’ll be seeing those two symbols compete to the top equally as often!

Free Spins

Survivor Megaways™ Free Spins

Survivor Megaways™ also contains a free spins bonus game. You’ll be able to trigger this feature by landing 3 or more scatter symbols. Depending on the number of scatters you land, you’ll be awarded a different number of free spins. Check out how they’re related:

While testing out this game, we noticed that it’s quite difficult to trigger the free spins round. While this is unfortunate, we are happy to see a generous number of spins awarded for just 3 scatters! Realistically then, this is just as desirable as other free spins rounds, as these two factors kind of balance each other out.

Survivor Megaways™ RTP, Max Win, Volatility

Survivor Megaways™ comes in slightly above average with most of these values. We’re happy to see this one in our Megaways™ slot list. Let’s go through these metrics one by one for a more detailed view.


The Survivor Megaways™ volatility seems to be quite high. Megaways™ titles are already quite volatile as a general rule, but this game seems to be subject to even more variance. In practice this means winning combinations will seem to land less frequently. On the other hand, when they do land, they have the potential to bring you much larger wins!


The RTP rate of Survivor Megaways™ comes in at a healthy 96.47%, which is slightly above the Megaways™ average and very satisfactory for a high-volatility slot such as this. It all adds up to a very exciting experience for the player at the end of the day!

Max Win

Get ready to spin as soon as you hear this one. The max win on Survivor Megaways™ is a tantalising 44,960x your stake. Who cares about being voted sole survivor if you land this win, right?

Minimum and Maximum Bets

You’ll find a betting range that’ll satisfy most punters here. Survivor Megaways™ allows you to place bets as little as 0.20 coins. If, on the other hand, you’re into more of a high-stake, high-reward situation, you can bet at much as 50 coins!

Survivor Megaways™ Mobile Play

Can’t really bring your desktop if you’re trying to survive in the jungle, can you? Well, no worries here either, as Survivor Megaways™ is completely compatible with all devices you could want to play it on: smartphones, tablets, and laptops. If you’re in fact not in the jungle, you can still play it comfortably from your desktop!

How to Play Survivor Megaways™

This is where you get to heave a sigh of relief. Playing Survivor Megaways™ is nowhere near as difficult as taking part in the actual show. That’s great news for you, because this game’s meant to be more of a fun time rather than a set-up to test your limits.

The aim of the game is to land 3 or more of the same symbol on adjacent reels, starting from reel 1. If you’d like a complete rundown of the Megaways™ engine, check out our article on Megaways™ slots explained.

Let’s go through the controls. You’ll find everything conveniently clustered on the right-hand side of the game screen, towards the bottom. Up top is the bet selector, where you’ll find two arrows which allow you to increase and decrease you bet depending on your preferences.

Next up you’ll find two buttons below this. On the left is a blue button which takes you into further settings and the paytable. On the right is an autospin feature. We’re happy to see that this feature comes fully equipped with a loss limit and a single win limit.

Below that will be the button you’ll be using the most: a large, green spin button.

Survivor Megaways™ Pros & Cons




So, what’s the gist of our review, you might be asking? Well, we think Survivor Megaways™ offers some great classic Megaways™ fun. We’re happy to see a unique sort of set-up that brings something a bit different to the table. We’re also very impressed by the max win available on this slot 44,960x! Give this game a spin and find out whether you have what it takes to be the winning sole survivor!

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The Survivor Megaways™ RTP is set at 96.47%.

The Survivor Megaways™ Max Win is 9,710x your bet.

Survivor Megaways™ has an interesting reel set-up to change things up, along with a great wild multiplier feature and free spins bonus game.

Yes. You can play the Survivor Megaways™ free demo on our site!

You win Survivor Megaways™ by landing 3 or more of the same symbol on adjacent reels starting from reel 1. The higher paying the symbols, the larger the win. The free spins bonus game and wild multipliers are a great way to make some big wins too!

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