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Wins of Nautilus Megaways™ Review in 2021

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Are you ready to dive to the depths in search of treasure? Wins of Nautilus Megaways™ is a brand-new game from Fantasma Games, a division of SG Gaming. Let’s check out what this deep-sea submarine-themed game has in store for us. Read on for more!

What is Wins of Nautilus Megaways™ ? Fantasma’s New Submarine-themed release!

Fantasma Studios are relatively young and very innovative games provider, entering the scene in 2016. They’re based out of Stockholm and entered into a distribution partnership with SG Digital in 2021. Fantasma have been producing Megaways™ games under license from Big Time Gaming since 2019, with their Flower Fortunes release. Since then, they’ve become known for creative design decisions and gameplay features. That’s an excellent thing to get recognition for in a space so hungry for innovation!

Such an excellent reputation has undoubtedly increased anticipation for whatever game Fantasma works on. Fantasma set the release date for Wins of Nautilus Megaways™ for the 3rd of November.

Making reference to Captain Nemo’s infamous submarine from Jules Verne’s Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea, the theme they’ve chosen to go for is definitely interesting. We’re certainly intrigued about what the rest of the game has to offer. Check out what they’ve cooked up in our full review below!

Wins of Nautilus Megaways™ Free Play Demo

The free play demo has not been released yet. However, take a look at our slots list for our other free Megaways™ games.

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Wins of Nautilus Megaways™ Key Facts & Ratings

  • Game Name: Wins of Nautilus Megaways™
  • Provider: Fantasma Games
  • Number of ways: 117,649
  • RTP: 96.10%
  • Reels Layout: 6x7
  • Volatility: High

Graphics & Sounds: 70%

Payout: 72%

Bonus Features: 71%

Popularity: 70%

Originality: 74%

Overall score: 73%

Wins of Nautilus Megaways™ Design & Gameplay

As the name for Wins of Nautilus Megaways™ might suggest, the game covers a nautical theme. As we mentioned earlier, the Nautilus is specifically the submarine from the classic Jules Verne novel Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea. The game’s design reflects elements from the novel, incorporated smartly into the otherwise quite standard Megaways™ game. Apart from the usual 6 central reels, Wins of Nautilus Megaways™ also features and extra, horizontal top reel with special features. Let’s check out some of the visual and sound design features first:

Visual and Sound Design

Wins of Nautilus Megaways™ Design

The game’s layout is quite standard, with the game reels (both vertical and horizontal) taking centre-stage on the screen. These are presented to look like a display at the front of Victorian-era submarine’s interior command deck. Undoubtedly this is meant to be a view from inside the Nautilus’ hull. Additional details adorn the interior of the under-sea ship including a periscope off to the right and a Bonus Indicator to the left-hand-side, designed to look like a depth meter or throttle.

The 6 central, vertical reels can show up to 6 symbols each, except for the outer two reels which show up to 7. The central 4 reels’ reduced max symbol count is made up for with the horizontal 4-symbol reel above them. All in all these lead to a maximum of 117,649 ways to win!

A fun, brass-led theme song plays in the background while you’re playing. It’s naval themed and reminded us vaguely of pirate ships and other nautical adventures. It’s super fitting for the game and is accompanied by sound effects of bubbles rising to the surface, creaking submarine hatches and other on-brand sounds. All together these create an atmosphere that’s perfect for the theme at hand.

Playing Wins of Nautilus Megaways™ – Symbols and Payouts

At the time of writing, the game has not yet been fully released, which means information about the specific symbols available is a little scarce. That doesn’t mean we can’t gleam the promotional material for information though, and provide you with our observations!

The lower-paying symbols for this game are undoubtedly card royals ranging from Jack to Ace. The higher-paying symbols are a little more on-theme, with Mollusc, Diving Suit, Mechanic, Fish-Man, Anchor, and Captain symbols all visible.

Apart from those, there are also a couple of special symbols which are related to some of the game’s innovative features. Firstly, there are the Countdown Bombs, which are green, cylindrical objects with a countdown number on them. These will burst onto the reels, acting as a specialized Multiplier Wild Symbol.

Apart from those, you’ll also find the shark-shaped Torpedo Respin symbols, which we’ll look into in the features section. Finally, there are also Angler Fish Scatter Symbols, which you’ll want to collect three of to access the Free Spins Bonus Game section.

Wins of Nautilus Megaways™ Features

Being developed by Fantasma Games, there’s a definite expectation for innovative features when it comes to Wins of Nautilus Megaways™. We’re happy to say that from the looks of things, Fantasma hasn’t disappointed!

You’ll find a mix of both classic Megaways™ features and innovative, new ones in Wins of Nautilus Megaways™. Let’s take a look at each of them in a little more detail:

Cascading Reels

We’re happy to see that Cascading Reels, a fan-favourite feature for Megaways™ titles, are present in this game. While we’re not sure about the specific name Fantasma has decided on for this feature, you might know it as Rolling Reels, Cascades, Falling Symbols, or a host of other names.

All of these refer to the same feature, which is super simple in concept. Symbols making part of a winning combination will be removed from the reels, allowing more symbols to fall from above for potentially more winning combos!

Countdown Bomb Expanding Multiplier Wilds

Wins of Nautilus Megaways™ Multiplier Wilds

An interesting feature addition present in Wins of Nautilus Megaways™ are the Countdown Bombs. These green, cylindrical bombs will randomly fall onto your reels with a number placed on top, usually ‘1’ or ‘2’ or ‘3’. The number refers to the number of consecutive wins needed before the bombs will activate.

Once activated, the symbols will expand to cover the whole vertical reel on which they had fallen on. This reel will then wholly act as a wild symbol, aiding you in completing more wins! Apart from that, a multiplier is added to the win, equivalent to the number on the Countdown Bomb as it fell!

Torpedo Respins

Wins of Nautilus Megaways™ Torpedo Respins

Torpedo Respins are another innovative feature to find its way onto the Wins of Nautilus Megaways™ reels. The shark-faced black torpedo will randomly fall onto the game’s main reels and activate before any existing winning combinations are paid out. Once activated, it will shoot all across the game screen, randomly hitting and destroying some of the symbols on the main reels.

The hit symbols along with the space originally occupied by the torpedo symbol will then be removed, allowing more symbols to fall from above. This creates to opportunity for more winning combinations to be formed, or for an existing winning combination to be made even larger!

Wins of Nautilus Megaways™ Bonus Free Spins

Wins of Nautilus Megaways™ Bonus Free Spins

Of course, veteran Megaways™ and slots players alike have come to expect a free spins bonus game from their favourite games. The Wins of Nautilus Megaways™ Free Spins Bonus Game is activated through 3 Angler Fish Scatter symbols. These will each zap the bonus counter on the lower left-hand-side of the screen and unlock 12 Free Spins!

Wins of Nautilus Megaways™ Free Spins

Once you’re in the Wins of Nautilus Megaways™ Free Spins Bonus Game, the background of the game will switch out for one showing that the Nautilus has travelled to a deeper depth. A progressive multiplier will also activate, with a counter on the right-hand-side of the screen, right below the spins counter.

Wins of Nautilus Megaways™ RTP, Max Win, Volatility

Now that we’ve covered all the important features this game has to offer, it’s time to check out some of the numbered specifications for Wins of Nautilus Megaways™. As a preamble, we can say that this game generally plays like most other Megaways™ games, which means that if you know how Megaways™ games work, you won’t find any huge surprises.


Fantasma has gone with a slightly higher-than-average RTP for this game. The Wins of Nautilus Megaways™ RTP is set at 96.10%. We wouldn’t count on you being able to notice the difference from the standard 96% RTP, but it’s a nice bump up nonetheless.

Max Win

The Max Win for this game is perhaps not the most astounding for the whole list of Megaways™ games out there, but it’s as tantalizing as ever nevertheless! The Wins of Nautilus Megaways™ Max Win stands at a cool 10,000× your bet. It might not quite be one for each of the Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea, but we’ll take it anyway!


While you might think that while you’re inside a submarine beneath the depths of the seas you’d want things to remain as non-volatile as possible, this game is anything but that! Wins of Nautilus Megaways™ is a high volatility game through and through.

What this means is that you can expect to have some dry spells in between significant winnings. This might also mean that in between those big wins, you’ll have to content with some infuriatingly tiny prizes. Because of that, patience is the name of the game with these titles, along with a well-padded bankroll to get through those dry spells!

Min & Max Bet

The minimum bet amount for Wins of Nautilus Megaways™ is $/€/£0.20 while the Max Bet is $/€/£20. Considering the high volatility of the game, we would’ve expected the max bet to be a little bit larger. Nevertheless, this range should be suitable for most players, without causing any issues.

Wins of Nautilus Megaways™ Mobile Play

Wins of Nautilus Megaways™ is compatible with all mobile devices running iOS or Android. We’d expect nothing less from a modern game than for it to be able to work, whether you’re on a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop!

How to Play Wins of Nautilus Megaways™

Wins of Nautilus Megaways™ is played just like any other Megaways™ game, employing the same basic premise and ruleset. You’ll be striving to land 3 or more of the same symbol on adjacent reels, starting from reel 1. This is how basic winning combinations are formed. Of course, you’ll also be hoping to land some of the more advanced features the game has to offer, which can take your wins to the next level! Ultimately, one of the best places to make large winnings is through the Free Spins section, which you can unlock through the scatter symbols we covered above.

The controls themselves are easy to get used to and intuitively laid out. You’ll find controls for the sound and an information page on the top left of the game screen. On the right, you’ll find a large spin button, below which there’s a menu button for additional features such as bet selection and autospin if it’s available.

Wins of Nautilus Megaways™ Pros & Cons

We thought we’d summarize our review into an easy-to-digest pros and cons list, just to make things a little easier. While we genuinely do love the direction this game went in, we do wish Fantasma tweaked things just a little bit. Check out what we think:



Wins of Nautilus Megaways™ Final Say

Let’s rise back to the surface and sum up what we’ve observed in the depths of this review! Wins of Nautilus Megaways™ is a fun and exciting addition to the extensive Megaways™ catalogue of games. We’re happy to see innovative and thrilling new Megaways™ slot features from a less well-known developer too. Fantasma Games are certainly proving themselves to be a studio to look out for!

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The Wins of Nautilus Megaways™ RTP is 96.10%.

The Wins of Nautilus Megaways™ Max Win is 10,000× your bet.

Wins of Nautilus Megaways™ features expanding Countdown Bomb wilds, Torpedo Respins and an exciting Free Spins section with a multiplier!

Wins of Nautilus Megaways™ is developed by Fantasma Games.

You can win at Wins of Nautilus Megaways™ by landing 3 or more of the same symbol on adjacent reels starting from reel 1. The free spins section is an excellent place to make huge wins too!

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